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  • Super Quality Assurance

    Control quality via ISO90001 quality management system.
    300,000 times of unlocking tests by German durability test machine.
    Fireproof and theftproof certification、CE、FCC and ROHS.

  • Best-Price and Scale Advantage

    Original smart lock factory from 2003.
    5000㎡factory and 16 production lines.
    Over 100 experienced front-line workers

  • Creative Products and Great Varieties

    Great R&D team from designer to software and hardware engineer.
    Developed over 200 products. Obtained over 20 patents.
    Developing over 10 new products every year

  • Multiple Ways of Cooperation

    Support ODM、OEM and wholesale
    Exported to over 20 countries.
    Widely used by hotels、apartments、 bath centers and gyms.


About us

Shenzhen Rising Smart Lock Technology Co., Ltd

Rising Smart Lock have specialized in researching and developing and producing of hotel card locks, password locks, cabinet locks and fingerprint locks for 16 years from 2003. We have a 5000㎡factory and 16 production lines.Over 100 front-line workers



  • Fingerprint lock card description
  • China's home smart lock [advantages and characteristics of universal]
  • Hotel smart lock installation steps?
  • 2019-06-12

    Fingerprint lock card description

    The so-called M1 chip, refers to Philips subsidiary NXP's chip abbreviation, known as the NXP Mifare1 series, commonly used S50 and S70 two models, as of November 4, 2013, has made chips and its Compatible, the use of PVC package M1 chip, induction a

  • 2019-06-12

    China's home smart lock [advantages and characteristics of universal]

    【Advantages of installing replacement fingerprint lock】     1, no longer have a key;     2, do not worry about lost keys, bad;     3, the child does not have to hang the key on the neck;     4, the family do not have a key to each person;     5, do

  • 2019-06-12

    Hotel smart lock installation steps?

    Hotel smart lock installation steps? More and more popular in the case of tourism, will inevitably lead to the opening of a variety of large hotels and guesthouses, more and more will enjoy life, electronic card lock as a smart product, loved by man

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Customer Case


  • Fingerprint lock maintenance how to do?

    1, the battery low alarm, please replace the battery immediately to ensure the normal use of door locks. 2, fingerprint lock should pay attention to waterproof. This is common sense, fingerprint lock content of a lot of electronic devices, if the wa

  • Selection of high - grade home fingerprint lock

    Interior door locks are essential in every home improvement, no matter how simple you can never be decorated by Jane's goal. Modern life, the choice of locks are no longer just a simple practical like, and will be more inclined to an artistic beauty,

  • Forget the battery charge (no electricity, and how to open the door into the home)

    If there is no electricity, the system will automatically alarm when the system is unlocked less than 50 times. If you forget to charge, the external USB interface can be unlocked at the bottom of the external panel for 5 minutes.


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