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Haier Site Intelligent Industrial (Shenzhen) Co Ltd. 

Haier Site Intelligent Industrial (Shenzhen) Co Ltd. will use its own smart locks in the industry R & D design experience and smart lock the advantages of professional production manufacturers, combined with Haier Manchester European brands of quality control standards, with the spirit of artisans to each Fingerprint locks as works of art to make, to each use of Haiersti fingerprint lock family to bring the Swiss banking security guard. Haier Manchester smart lock from the European brand The current fingerprint lock industry market is a Red Sea, even the industrial cluster of fingerprint locks in Shenzhen, Guangdong is also quite a mixed bag, large and small, more than 100 manufacturers of fingerprint locks located in the city of Shenzhen, a large part of the assembly of components by Victoria Health, there are many simply even the assembly also feel trouble, simply dry bag from the company's business, also known as the external fingerprint lock manufacturer. Usually they sold the fingerprint lock low price, there is no guarantee of quality and after-sale protection, to the smart lock industry has brought a lot of negative impact. Faced with such a complex market environment, the company chairman Mr. Wang Riping (Tsinghua MBA) led 12 years to focus on smart locks in the field of R & D design team to study the domestic and foreign markets, from Europe, the introduction of Haierite brand and advanced 108 quality testing Standards and developed a "three-year warranty, life-long maintenance," the industry-leading brand quality commitment. In the production quality control process, from the casting into the plant, parts procurement began, for each production and mechanical processing links for careful and careful inspection, until the assembly and commissioning, and each fingerprint lock factory must go through 24 hours of German imports of aging Detection equipment for aging detection. Moreover, Haierite fingerprint lock is carried out according to ISO9001 quality management system in all procedures. The following five series of products (fingerprint lock, password lock, hotel lock, sauna lock and remote lock) are passed by FCC, CE, ROHS standard certification. To ensure that every Haierster users, are used to the most secure and reliable fingerprint lock.

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