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Fingerprint lock card description

Author:    Source:    Date: 2019-06-12 14:10:35
The so-called M1 chip, refers to Philips subsidiary NXP's chip abbreviation, known as the NXP Mifare1 series, commonly used S50 and S70 two models, as of November 4, 2013, has made chips and its Compatible, the use of PVC package M1 chip, induction antenna, and then pressing the card after the production is the smart card industry, said M1 card, a non-contact IC card. Non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, successfully solved the passive (no power in the card) and free contact with this problem, is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices. Mainly used for bus, ferry, subway automatic toll system, also used in access control management, identification and electronic wallet. M1 card, the advantage is readable and writable multi-function card, the disadvantage is: the price a little expensive, short sensing range, suitable for non-fixed consumption systems, parking systems, access control time and attendance systems.
1ID card is often said that the low-frequency card, usually in most cases as an access control card or most of the university to use the meal card, generally thicker card, is read only, the card which holds only a string of unique serial number ID, can understand this string of numbers for your ID number, credit card, the reader can only read the ID number, and then through the database with the background to match, if it is access card, then the database is there such an ID Number, if the match on the door to open, do not match the door does not open.

    T5557 card identification applications

    T5557 card is a new ATMEL company produced a proximity card, tuning frequency from 100 kHz to 150 kHz, can be encrypted, the amount of data for the 330, 64 ID number, Compatible with E5550 / E5551, and extended mode. As a typical low-frequency, can be encrypted, read-write card, T5557 in the market has a great application prospects. First, IC characteristics Operating frequency at 125KHZ, non-contact card class. 224-bit EEPROM can be read and written, divided into seven, each 32-bit. There are password settings and write protection. Read mode can be set by the user. Anti-collision Built-in capacitors can be masked options, but also with external capacitors. Unique 64-bit serial number with traceability. IC operating temperature -40 ℃ to +85 ℃.

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