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Fingerprint lock maintenance how to do?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-11-14 19:24:03
1, the battery low alarm, please replace the battery immediately to ensure the normal use of door locks.

2, fingerprint lock should pay attention to waterproof. This is common sense, fingerprint lock content of a lot of electronic devices, if the water will interfere with electronic circuits and so on.

3, the fingerprint lock can only use fingerprints to open the door, go out to open the door button can only be pressed by hand, do not use a hard object to open the door to press.

4, if the door deformation, will make the combination of oblique tongue into the door buckle box is too large friction, can not be fully extended, this time should adjust the door plate position.

5, the fingerprint lock the battery will generally choose a large capacity alkaline AA5 battery, so you can guarantee the life of the fingerprint lock battery.

6, prohibit the lock surface and corrosive substances in contact, so as not to damage the lock surface protection, the impact of the lock surface gloss.

7, Fingerprint acquisition window to use a longer time, the surface will be dirt, may affect the normal use, this time, you can use a soft cloth to remove dirt.

8, when using the fingerprint lock, the sensor and password keyboard slide do not hand to force off and on.

9, the handle is a key part of the door lock, its direct impact on the use of flexibility, so do not hang objects in the handle.

10, the replacement of the battery, remember not to install the battery positive and negative, not to change the flow of alkaline batteries.

11, do not disassemble disassembled, fingerprint lock basically built-in precision sophisticated electronic components, non-professional staff may damage the internal disassembly or lead to other serious consequences. If you suspect that the fingerprint lock problems, the best advice professionals, or directly to find someone home repair.
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