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Selection of high - grade home fingerprint lock

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-11-14 19:22:51
Interior door locks are essential in every home improvement, no matter how simple you can never be decorated by Jane's goal. Modern life, the choice of locks are no longer just a simple practical like, and will be more inclined to an artistic beauty, and focus on quality to bring the full range of quality of life. So how to buy a good interior door lock it? Not only that more demanding things to show a good sense of decoration. Xiaobian today to summarize the five tips on the election lock.
    First, from the function to choose
    In the home improvement decoration, and sometimes ordinary hardware often lead to serious security risks. So we need to face up to the important position of the lock in the home:
    1, anti-theft function: in the door, the master, the study should be added to the basic security features to ensure the safety of life and property.
    2, fire, escape function: the function of the design, to avoid accidents in life to bring hidden dangers. If the lock is not fire, the lock body will be deformed at high temperatures, leading to a crisis can not be opened, delay the opportunity to escape.
    3, anti-bacterial function of bacteria in the family members cross-infection between the highest frequency, the door lock is one of the most important means of transmission.
   Second, the material is essential
    Comparison of various types of material on the market the advantages and disadvantages of the door lock, select green, environmentally friendly products to protect the health of his family's life:
    1, space aluminum - easy processing; development costs low; soft texture, easy to deformation; low strength, impact resistance; color chilling monotonous, easy oxidation, short life; style monotonous simple material itself low value, poor fire .
    2, zinc alloy - easy casting process, the development of low-cost; style, surface color and more; low intensity, poor impact resistance, rust resistance, internal materials prone to oxidation, appear brittle; Drill, tamper, anti-saw; material itself, low value; intolerance low temperature; fire function is poor
    3, stainless steel - strong corrosion resistance, high strength, fire, anti-drilling, tamper, anti-sawing, anti-impact, long life; uniform texture, good density, no pores, trachoma, bright color uniformity and delicate; , The production process is complex, high development costs
    Third, the door lock to buy before the preparatory work
    In determining the function of the door lock and compared the material, according to family needs, first determine the size and orientation of the custom solid wood doors, you can make the preparatory work before the purchase:
    1, in the purchase of locks, the first statistics need to lock the door with the door thickness and door width, so that the salesperson configuration lock cylinder length and lock width.
    2, the door has a single open, double open, left and right to open, the points need to know the door to the opening, in order to facilitate the salesperson to configure the door opening. (Note: Hinge installed on the left of the door to the left open, hinges installed on the right side of the door to the right open)
    3, the color of the door and home improvement style.
    4, door hardware as a door lock supporting products, should be kept in harmony with the design style of door locks, shaping the United States and maintain the overall design of the group.
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