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China's home smart lock [advantages and characteristics of universal]

Author:    Source:    Date: 2019-06-12 14:07:55
【Advantages of installing replacement fingerprint lock】

    1, no longer have a key;
    2, do not worry about lost keys, bad;
    3, the child does not have to hang the key on the neck;
    4, the family do not have a key to each person;
    5, do not worry about garbage out the door to blow the door off;
    6, no longer need to love / parents get up at midnight to open the door for you;
    7, guests can always increase the fingerprint, can also be deleted at any time;
    8, no longer have to worry about a friend to borrow your keys into your home;
    9, the nurse after leaving / rental rental for lock, eliminate fingerprints on the line;
    10, fingerprint lock fingerprint collection for the live fingerprint collector, "dry fingerprint" invalid (ie, finger or hand-made fingerprint invalid)
    11, the hotel card and other easy-to-lock copy, preparation (fingerprint can not be copied, the customer can be eliminated after check-out, and customers are more assured stay, no longer worry about private detectives to enter)
    12, password lock Just open the door to the password, but the password may be forgotten, security in general, ic card door locks, etc. can be equipped with the key in place.
    13, in today's society which no key, without the consequences of the key you should be very clear, but remember: do not own over the wall over the window, the most important life, sometimes a lock can change your destiny;

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    【Fingerprint password smart lock advantages】

    Fingerprints are a unique feature of the human body and their complexity is sufficient to provide sufficient features for authentication;
    2, if you want to increase the reliability, just register more fingerprints, identify more fingers, you can enter your 10 finger prints, and each fingerprint is unique;
    3, Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint scanning speed is very fast, very easy to use;
    4, read the fingerprint, the user must finger and fingerprint acquisition head contact with each other, and fingerprint acquisition head directly;
    5, contact is the most reliable way to read the human biological characteristics;
    6, fingerprint head can be more compact, and the price will be more concessions;

    Finally, I wish to see this article fortunate friends, I wish you early use of high-tech fingerprint password smart lock for the family to bring convenience and well-being!

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