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Hotel smart lock installation steps?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2019-06-12 14:05:26
Hotel smart lock installation steps?

More and more popular in the case of tourism, will inevitably lead to the opening of a variety of large hotels and guesthouses, more and more will enjoy life, electronic card lock as a smart product, loved by many hotels, the following small series on Talk about the hotel smart lock installation steps.
First, the hotel smart lock installation before the preparatory work
Confirm door lock status: Make sure that the installation conditions of the site meet the installation requirements, and confirm the door opening direction and door thickness.
For example: Is there a power supply? Whether there are special staff. Decoration is completed and so on.
Center distance confirmation: There are two kinds of center distance: 55mm 70mm Note: The center distance is the distance from the door frame to the center of rotation axis of the handle.
Door lock thickness: door lock thickness requirements: 38mm-55mm special requirements in accordance with the special requirements. (The thickness of the door lock is different, the lock cylinder of the door lock, the length of the lock fixing screw and the drilling requirements are different, the manufacturer should explain when ordering.
The left and right doors of the door lock are left and right, and the door locks are left and right. The door lock should be the same as the direction of the door opening when installing. Left open the lock definition: people standing outside the door, hinge on the left, left open the door.
Right to open the lock definition: the same as above, the hinge on the right, open the door for the right.
Inside and outside the definition: people standing outside the door, which opened the door when the door is open inside the door.
            People standing outside the door, when the door opened the door, that is, outside the door.

Second, the hotel smart lock installation
Draw line: According to the factory to provide the opening diagram of the sub-doors are, back and side lines. (Specific hole map see specific drawings)
Draw the door front hole line: Determine the door lock installation height, the handle position height from the bottom of the door 90CM Department, (the old door is modified, the door is still prevail in accordance with the perforated picture to draw perforated lines.
Paint the back of the door opening line: according to the same method above draw the line on the back of the door.
Draw the side of the door opening line: First draw the door side of the center, according to punch the door with the side of the opening line.
Paint the door opening line: must be installed after the lock cylinder, according to the corresponding location of the lock core to open the door frame of the hole line (according to the hole map requirements).
Door openings must pay attention to the corresponding lock cylinder height.
Third, the hotel opened the door to install smart locks
1) Open the front hole and the back hole according to the cut line. Note: When opening holes to prevent the occurrence of wood fiber flash (it is best to use the cutting edge along the fiber cutting line), to prevent the phenomenon of large openings.
2) Press the open side of the hole. Note: Side door lock is one of the most critical hole, we must be careful opening, to prevent fiber flying, to prevent the hole is too large, rough phenomenon. After opening with a lock core installed check, if not appropriate, should be amended accordingly.
3) according to draw a good hole line to open the door frame hole. Note: the size of the door frame size requirements, to prevent a virtual position, resulting in the door lock shake. (See the hole after the map).
Fourth, the hotel lock installation of the smart lock
Open the box, first check the door lock components are complete, the direction is consistent with the room, and use batteries to test the cylinder and circuit board is working properly, and then began to install the door lock:
1) Assemble the lock cylinder: Insert the lock cylinder into the door panel, and connect the wiring head to the inner side plate. All the fixing holes meet the requirements.
2) Install the mechanical lock: the mechanical lock into the lock cylinder, and screws, check whether the mechanical key to open the door normally.
3) Install the front lock body: Adjust the lock cylinder to the correct position (lock the arrow in the direction of the lock bolt) Put the front lock body into the door panel and insert the connecting line of the panel and cylinder. In the installation should pay attention to: 1. Can not be hard-mounted circuit board, the circuit board broke and broken patch cord 2. Can not be pressed to the door above the connection line.
4) installed after the lock body: with the same lock before the body, installed lock body, the fixed screw. Note: Before installation, after the lock body to keep parallel with the door, can not be skewed to adjust the left and right distance, so that the handle and the lock cylinder horizontal direction consistent. Adjust the distance up and down so that the handle with the lock cylinder to keep the same direction.
5) install the battery box: install the battery and battery box in the appropriate location; connected to the wire plug, and open the card to try to open.
6) side of the fixed plate: According to the already installed a good lock core door frame hole, door frame box and door plate. Note: Position adjustment.
7) Debugging the door, the initial configuration of the door lock: door lock with the door to debug to ensure that the card can normally open the door locks and mechanical keys to open the door.

The above is the hotel smart lock installation of the whole process. Of course, the professional thing to do to the professional people, the hotel smart lock installation work or to the professional installation company to do more appropriate. Hotel lock factory direct, 7 days, Han Ting, Motel, such as home, Super 8 hotels are using our electronic locks. Hotline: 13725549650 QQ: 2083807459
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